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Episode 76 of the Taking the Lead Podcast is a special/themed birthday episode. I play tracks by former/current Facedown Records bands. It'll only be available for streaming. Please check it out at www.takingtheleadmedia.com

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New episode of the Taking the Lead Podcast features music by Blighted, No Contest, Outright, Tunnel Vision and Ultima Victima.

All the bands have music on bandcamp. I have links posted on this podcasts' website: http://www.takingtheleadmedia.com/

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Today's episode features tracks by Gets Worse, Gillian Carter, POLST, Rolo Tomassi, and Sohns.

Links on these bands are available at Taking the Lead Media

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New episode of the Taking the Lead Podcast! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Did anyone attend Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas? I think it's going to Denver this week and New Jersey next week. Today's episode I play tracks by The Beat Dolls, Be Like Max, Crookedhood, Stuck Lucky, and Thee Infidels. Some nice ska and punk tunes on this episode. Enjoy the music and thanks for listening!

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Episode #72 - I talk briefly about a show I went to last week. Some bands to check out: 2Face4, Anti-Matter, 82Fifty, Junkie's Runnin' Dry, No Home, MistermeaneR. On this episode, I play tracks by Dead Icons, MistermeaneR, Unfair Fight, Vaulted and Vultures United.

Like the show? Please rate and review on iTunes! And tell a friend. Hit me up on Twitter: @thisisohno  And be sure to check out this podcasts' website: http://www.takingtheleadmedia.com/

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Another new episode of the Taking the Lead Podcast!

I talk briefly about summer break, graduation and attending shows.

Episode #71 features some punk-rock based tunes with a hint of some punk-ska. Great tracks. This show features music by Abandin All Hope, Chimp Change, Holding Onto Sound, Illicitor, and Still Alive.

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Featured on Episode 70 are some ska tracks with music by The Anchorage, Behind Deadlines, Dead Rejects, Faintest Idea and Go Jimmy Go.

I talk about Go Jimmy Go's last show and some ska stuff. The track by Dead Rejects features guest vocals by Paul from Night Gaunts. Behind Deadlines is a new favorite ska band of mine. I play the latest track from The Anchorage, off their album, Regrow, released last year. And I close the episode with a new track by Faintest Idea off of their album, Increasing the Minimum Rage, which just dropped last month. Enjoy the music. Thanks for listening!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisohno

Instagram: https://instagram.com/thisisohno

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This newest episode concludes my Top 25 of 2015 list, where I play tracks from my favorite releases of 2015, this time from to Top 10 portion of the list. Turns out, this past year was a good year for a lot of debut records. I play four tracks from debut full-lengths. On Episode #69, it's a mix of some heavier tunes, punk rock, ska and electronica. Music featured on this show comes from Bleak, The Doped Up Dollies, The Knumbskulls, Safety, Senses Fail, Survival Guide, and Svalbard. I'll just let you know now, my favorite record of 2015 is Senses Fail's, Pull the Thorns From Your Heart. Enjoy this episode, the next one will be a return to my original format - 5 songs. Thanks for listening!

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Taking the Lead - Episode #68

This is the second episode of 2016! I continue on with playing tracks from my favorite releases of 2015. This episode features more punk-pop tunes, a couple heavier ones and some punk-rock. All excellent tracks, and some of my favorite songs to come out last year. On this episode I play tracks from Pope, Lowbrow, Spraynard, Clowns, Tidemouth, PINKO, and Sic Waiting.

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This is the first episode of 2016! Welcome! I'll be sharing on this episode, and for the next two, tracks from some of my favorite releases from 2015. I posted my year end list just before the end of 2015 on this podcasts' website, so you'll probably know what to expect. If not, I hope you dig these tunes, I love them to death. My list had a mix of great debuts, reissues, and fresh new tunes.

On this episode I play tunes from Big D and the Kids Table, The Unlovables, Suicide Kings, Estates, Unfair Fight, Employed to Serve and Gets Worse. Some killer tracks on this episode. Thanks for listening!

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